terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2009


Hi Fellows,

In respect with my (few) followers or visitors I have decided to write in English too. Well, I will try it and please, I would like to ask you to be very comprehensive with my f... english.

Near the end of the Year I have decided to make some maintenance of my "toys". One of the task was taking out the batteries of my Lightning  Hot Toys, because I thought it is not funny to find a leakage of a battery.
And I took the dust too and took some shots.
Here we go!

The Case

I have decided to buy a pill case because it is practical and there are divisions.

 And that is my home work done!

And I took some shots before taking out the batteries.
The first one is the Battle Damaged T-800, Endoskeleton/Hot Toys. An amazing Figure and nowadays the price is very high.

On the Iron Man Mark III/Hot Toys, it was necessary to remove the batteries on the body and on the arms too. I had forgoten thi detail.


On Predator Original/Hot Toys I had forgoten how to light on and I did only after reading the instructions again.


On Ultraman Type-C/Bandai I saw how big are the batteries:


And I removed the batteries from the Batpod too.
And from time to time I will test if the lights are ok. One thing is to buy. Other thing is to keep in order. And that is a chance to see again the details of these Pieces of Art.

See you later!

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  1. I think the idea of using a pill case is great!
    And also labelling each of them.
    Reading this post also reminds me that I've to take out some of the batteries in my toys too!
    Have a good day!