quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2012




I started my 1/6 collection with Ultraseven Medicom in 2008 and since then I had the opportunity to testify the increasing of quality of the head sculpts, specially in the Hot Toys series, a company that started in the Military Area of Figures that now has abandoned.

I must confess that now much of the desire of collecting 1/6 Figures has gone. Now I am very selective in buying Figures, because like any collector, there is a problem of enough room in my house. I don't like to buy only to buy and for me there is no sense in keeping the figures in the boxes in a place that I don't know.

Since 2008 a lot of sites could show lots of pics of these Action Figures, but in the same time I have lost the stamina to take pictures in my blog.

But for this Ultraman, I guess I think it is interesting to share my thoughts because there is not so much pics and information of the Japanese Heroes on the Internet.

In my opinion, Medicom relies in a comfortable position with the Japanese Heroes, because they are not so complex to sculpt and it has a strong fan base in Asia. No other companies outside Japan could be interested in such heroes. In the past, Medicom was very applauded with the Star Wars Series, but after Hot Toys invasion of high quality head sculpts, Medicom seems to lost the opportunity to explore this market. And in this way, I guess Medicom prefer to upgrade the past figures instead of investing in others franchises.

That is the case of Ultraman Jack, RAH 565, a upgraded version of RAH 336.



Opening the Box

RAH 565 (left) VS RAH 336 (right)

Well, it is possible to see that is a great upgrade.

Version 2of Ultraman Jack and Ultraseven

Final words

Ultraman Jack Medicom RAH 565 is a one step higher than the former version and it is a interesting piece to have if you are a fan of the Japanese Heroes and 1/6 Figures.

domingo, 29 de abril de 2012


After some months, putting another Hot Toys on the shelves. This time is the Batman DX 09.

There is a lot of accessories but I am not using anyone.

Out of the Box

 Now I am waiting just Joker/Nicholson DX-08.

sábado, 24 de março de 2012

A cure of an obsession is another obsession/Vinyl and Turntable

I must admit that I am a little away from the 1/6 world and I am not more taking a  lot of pictures. Well, for me a cure of an obsession is ANOTHER obsession.
During the last months I am involved in enjoying the hi-fi world and one of my new obsession is about turntables and vinyl records.
The comeback to vinyl was not so linear. After buying an integrated amplifier, Advance Acoustic MAP-308, I have noticed there was a phono input and started to wondering the whole world behind that tag. Well, I decided to buy a new turntable and it was offered to me a Thorens TD-158.
After some listenings, unfortunately it was clear that the new turntable was inferior than my CD player and I have started to study an alternative.
Here in Brazil there is a lot of taxes and the prices of the product are very expensive. For this reason, in my opinion, I guess it is preferable to buy a vintage reformed turntable than a new one.
The first problem is where to find one and the second problem is who will do the job of refurbishing. After some readings in a brazilian Forum I found a senior technician able to do this work.
And here in my Thorens TD-125 MK II with a TP-16 tonearm.

The tonearm TP-16 is less famous than SME 3009 S2 or 3, maybe because it is not too glamorous, but it do a good job.

My first option of cartridge was the Denon DL-110.

When I have decided to collect 1/6 stuff I guess i was a movement to revisit my childhood. Well, now I am revisiting my teen ager period.