domingo, 4 de dezembro de 2011

"Space, the Final Frontier!"


A long time ago in a galaxy far away...

Well, after some months without posting anything I have now some news. First of all, I guess the biggest problem for every collector can be resumed in only one: SPACE, THE FINAL FRONTIER.
The office in my apartment became over saturated of Action Figures, a problem of super-population (well, a problem not so big as the population of the Earth with 7 billion of inhabitants).
To solve my problem I have decide to move mostly of my Hot Toys Action Figures to my Living Room. After I have moved to my apartment I didn't buy furniture and sofas, because my priorities was the the room fo my children, kitchen etc. So, these months I decided to put a decent Home Theater in the Living Room and together with panel, I have decided to put an Expositor of my Action Figures.
It took a long time to make the design and to find a decent professional. Some stores asked me a lot of money and after a while I have found a great carpenter.
I confess that I waste a lot of time in other things which I couldn't keep the focus, but I guess was some good experiences.
To solve a problem of obsession, the solution could be another obsession, LOL!!!! These months I have discovered two new obsessions:
1) I have always have a dream of be  an owner of a Single Lens Reflex Camera and I have bought a Nikon D-7000. My photos ins this site will be much better with this type of equipment.
2) My computer became very lazy and I have decided to move to Apple. At first I have bought an Ipad, which became an instant obsession. I waste my time playing a lot of games, like Angry Birds, Ninja Fruit and Plants vs Zombies. Then I have bought an Imac with a screen of  21,5". Apple and Steve Jobs became an obsession and I have read 4 books of Steve Jobs, which the last one is the Biography of Walter Isaacson in the digital format.
3) in planning the Home Theater I have decided to build a decent stereo system and I have discovered the Hi-End Audiophile World, where the limit is the size of your pocket. This type of world is against the Itunes world.

After my excuses, I can present now my new expositor at my home. Enjoy it!

Home Theater and Action Figure Expositors

Amplifier: Advance Acoustic, Map-308

Turntable: Thorens, TD-158

Receiver: Yamaha, Aventage RX A-800

Speakers: Morel, Signature Octave, Bookshelf

Subwoofer: Morel, PSW-8

Frontal Speaker: Morel, SOUNDSPOT™ SP-1

Expositor, Right Side

New Acquisitions:
Alice, Resident Evil, Afterlife, Hot Toys, MMS 139

Superman, Hot Toys, MMS 152
Bruce Lee, GOD, Hot Toys Head, Enterbay RM=X Body and Sneakers, Generic Suit (ebay)

Expositor, Left Side

6 comentários:

  1. Bro, you have a great entertainment room with good sound system..I love Yamaha product too..You have great toy cabinets as well..Looks awesome with light on..Glad to see your collection growing :P

  2. Hey Desmond, it is a pleasure to hear your comment because you are a great collector. Thanks a lot!!!

  3. Wow! You have a magnificent home theater and I sooooo love it!! I love the movie “Star Wars”. That’s why I was so thrilled when I saw those action figures that you have, especially that clone trooper! Haha! Nice! This what makes your home theater unique and remarkable to me! ;)

  4. Thanks Louisa for your nice comment!

  5. Your home theater is without a doubt awe-inspiring. The audio/video component was cool. Uhm, when did you start collecting those action figures? Mind if I ask you if you have action figures of The Expendables? I love that movie because it was incredible and the cast were brilliant. Jason Statham was the best for me! (♥.♥)

  6. Thanks Angel for the comments. I guess I have started the collection of Action Figurens around 2008. I only have one Figure of The Expendables: the first one of Hot Toys with Sylvester Stallone that you can in one of the photos.