domingo, 23 de maio de 2010

Blonde Dolls




 Well, a liitle bit reluctant to write this review because first of all it was my first dolls in my life. Some people like to collect some very sexy dolls but that is not may case. The reason is my wife doesn't like. When she saw the Helga with her large breast she didn't like too. OK, never more.


First point, in the package there is the full name of Helga, which last name is Njalsson. 

  The Action Figure

When I saw the promo shot from Triad I must confess that I liked it very much. But on hands the paint of the eyes is not so cool .

These boots are great but it is not possible to remove the feet inside.

Detail of the hair implant on the head.

The connections between hands and arms are a little bit loose.
Connection between head and neck.
Connection between arm and torso.

Unfortunately the connection between the right arm and the torso got broken. The plastic inside the torso which receives the pin of the arm lost the glue and got loose. A total lack of quality control.

 Female Truetype
Well, because the Truetype doesn't come with clothes I have decided to wear the Helga's clothes on the Truetype.

Ok, guys, I will satisfy your curiosity. The next photos are the naked blonde trutype. For my suprise the torso of this Action Figure is made of rubber and not the same plastic of the other parts.

Detail of the hair implant on the head.

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  1. Olá Supekudx!!
    Tenho que admitir que a roupa da Helga ficou muito melhor no Truetype da Hottoys!!!rsss
    Parabéns pelo "kitbash"!!

  2. Com este corpo Triad qq coisa fica melhor mesmo....