sábado, 24 de março de 2012

A cure of an obsession is another obsession/Vinyl and Turntable

I must admit that I am a little away from the 1/6 world and I am not more taking a  lot of pictures. Well, for me a cure of an obsession is ANOTHER obsession.
During the last months I am involved in enjoying the hi-fi world and one of my new obsession is about turntables and vinyl records.
The comeback to vinyl was not so linear. After buying an integrated amplifier, Advance Acoustic MAP-308, I have noticed there was a phono input and started to wondering the whole world behind that tag. Well, I decided to buy a new turntable and it was offered to me a Thorens TD-158.
After some listenings, unfortunately it was clear that the new turntable was inferior than my CD player and I have started to study an alternative.
Here in Brazil there is a lot of taxes and the prices of the product are very expensive. For this reason, in my opinion, I guess it is preferable to buy a vintage reformed turntable than a new one.
The first problem is where to find one and the second problem is who will do the job of refurbishing. After some readings in a brazilian Forum I found a senior technician able to do this work.
And here in my Thorens TD-125 MK II with a TP-16 tonearm.

The tonearm TP-16 is less famous than SME 3009 S2 or 3, maybe because it is not too glamorous, but it do a good job.

My first option of cartridge was the Denon DL-110.

When I have decided to collect 1/6 stuff I guess i was a movement to revisit my childhood. Well, now I am revisiting my teen ager period.

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