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Since 2008 I started my 1/6 collection and my focus was initially based on Action Figures of my childhood, with heroes like Ultraman and Spectreman. And during this time the company named Hot Toys started to release a new wave of high end detailed figures in 1/6 scale. I must say that I was lucky enough to be in touch with the releasing of these figures in communities or blogs around the world.

But I must admitt that to be a collector is a difficult task, because it is important to not transform in an obsession and buying evertything. It is very important to keep the focus.

One of the Figures that I must admit that are wonderful, but in my opinion the franchising is not so cool is the T-4. The Figures of Marcus Wright and John Connor are very well-made but in my opinion the movie was very weak. For this reason I didn't buy these Figures but I was very impressed with the headsculpts of Marcus and Connor.

Well, being a collector means you have a lot of acessories from other Figures that are not in use. And with these pieces in hand I have decided to make a Master Wayne Ninja.

But first, there are some photos of the headsculpts of Christian Bale and it is interesting to note the evolution of the sculpts. It is very impressive how far the Asian artists are going.


Bruce Wayne, Batman Begins Takara/Tomy Genx Core
One of my first figures was the Batman Takara/Tomy Genx Core and the release dat was in 2006.

Today this headsculpt is a little bit "cartoonish".

Bruce Wayne, Batman, The Dark Knight, Original Costume, MMS67

More information:

Bruce Wayne, Batman, The Dark Knight, Original Costume, MMS71

More information:

John Connor, Final Battle, MMS111

Master Ninja Wayne, Kitbash
- Body: Truetype/Hot Toys;
- Headsculpt: John Connor, MMS 111;
- Boots: Batman, TDK, MMS 71
- Hands: Batman, TDK, MMS71;
- Ninja Suit: Bruce Lee, Enterbay, Version B;
- Acessories: Blade II; Batman MMS 71; Batman DX02
 - Vest: Batman Begins Takara;

4 comentários:

  1. Poderiam ter feito uma escultura melhor nos bonecos do batmam,mas a escultura do terminator tah muito boa,acho q o boneco do batmam ficou muito legal ,mas o melhor foi o joker,eu adoro sua coleção o meu sonho de consumo é um joker da Hot Toys.Meu blog é o

  2. Valeu, Pedro e o Joker realmente é fantástico.

  3. Awesome comparsion and evolution analysis. there is also a medicom brue wayne out there that got a good sculpt but the paint job isn't that good. great blog! congrats

  4. Thanks Bro! In my opinion the Medicom Bruce Wayne doesn't worth more than hunddred dollars. Only for super die hard fans!